How To Make An Effective Routine That Really Works For You?


    In our daily life we all make a routine for us but only few of us could able to follow it. And as student we especially need to make a routine and stick to it. But the question is: How To Make An Effective Routine That Really Works For You? So, here I am going to share you some tips to make a routine that will really works for you. So first of all you have to follow the following points,when you are making a routine.

    1. Decide what needs to be in your routine. 

    Prioritizing what is important to you before starting is key! We all know that when we sit to prepare a routine then we include too much things in our routine which do not only makes the routine imperfect but all lowers down our confidence when we start to follow it. So before making a routine make a priority list and then Set small goals. 

    2. Break each large goal into smaller goals. 

    While a big goal is exciting to tackle, it is what often leads to failure as we take on too much. If your overall goal is to study smartly, firstly prepare smaller goals so, by completing it you build confidence. When you accomplish that, congratulate yourself! 

    3. Layout a plan. 

    Start with one week at a time and start small – that way you can build on simple accomplishments. Write it all out on a calendar, almost like an appointment. Be consistent with time. If you want to study daily for some fixed time, attempt it at the same time every day. Plan any easy task for morning and complete it. Completing your tasks first thing in the morning before losing motivation allows you to enjoy benefits all day.
    How To Make An Effective Routine That Really Works For You?

    4. Be prepared.

    When deciding upon a new routine, make sure you have all the pieces before you start; this will make it easier to get started without any delay. For example, if a new resolution is to study Mathematics daily then you should be prepared that while studying no distractions should be there with you. You should also be prepared for leaving your comfort zone.

    5. Make it fun! 

    Getting into a new routine and new goals aren’t always fun, but there are ways to make it fun. Find anything that gives you fun and include it in your routine. It could be anything like listening music, playing games,etc. during break.

    6. Track your progress. 

    Create a visual calendar that you can cross off each day that you complete the task. Most people don’t want to “break the chain” and see a missing spot on their calendar. Reward yourself. Once you have fallen into a routine on a consistent basis, reward yourself with something fun. For example, if your goal was to get into a routine of reading a book then if fall in the routine then reward yourself with new books .

    I hope that you liked this article and I am sure that you all will make an effective routine that will really work for you.
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