NCERT Rationalised Syllabus Class 10 Session 2023-24

Here I am going to provide NCERT Rationalised Syllabus Class 10 Session 2023-24. I hope that this will certainly help you in your studies!

NCERT Rationalised Syllabus Class 10 Session 2023-24


    Chapter 1 : Chemical Reactions and Equations.

    No Reduction 

    Chapter 2 : Acids, Bases, and Salts.

    No Reduction

    Chapter 3 : Metals and Non-Metals.

    No Reduction

    Chapter 4 : Carbon and its Compounds.

    No Reduction

    Chapter 5 : Periodic Classification Of Elements.

    Full Chapter Deleted

    Chapter 6 : Life Processes.

    No Reduction

    Chapter 7 : Control And Coordination.

    No Reduction

    Chapter 8 : How Do Organisms Reproduce.

    No Reduction

    Chapter 9 : Heridity And Evolution.

    Box item:

    Charles Robert Darwin

    Box item:

    Origin of life on earth

    Box item:

    How do fossils form layer by layer

    Box item:

    Molecular phylogeny

    9.3 Evolution

    9.3.1 An Illustration

    9.3.2 Acquired and Inherited Traits

    9.4 Speciation

    9.5 Evolution and Classification

    9.5.1 Tracing Evolutionary Relationships

    9.5.2 Fossils

    9.5.3 Evolution by Stages

    9.6 Evolution Should Not Be Equated With ‘Progress’

    9.6.1 Human Evolution

    Chapter 10 : Light Reflection And Refraction.

    No Reduction

    Chapter 11 : Human Eye And Colourful World.

    Two box items:

    • Damage to or malfunction of any part of the visual system...

    • Why do we have two eyes for vision and not just one?

    11.6.3 Colour of the Sun at Sunrise and Sunset

    Chapter 12 : Electricity.

    Box item:

    ‘Flow’ of charges inside a wire 

    Chapter 13 : Magnetic Effects Of Current.

    Box item:

    Michael Faraday

    3.4 Electric Motor

    3.5 Electromagnetic Induction

    3.6 Electric Generator

    Chapter 14 : Sources Of Energy

    Full Chapter Deleted

    Chapter 15 : Our Environment

    No Reduction

    Chapter 16 : Management Of Natural Resources

    Full Chapter Deleted


    Chapter 1 Real Numbers

    1.2 Euclid’s division lemma

    1.5 Revisiting rational numbers and their decimal expansions

    Chapter 2 Polynomials

    2.4 Division Algorithm for Polynomials

    Chapter 3 Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables

    3.2 Pair of linear equations in two variables

    3.3 Graphical method of solution of a pair of linear


    3.4.3 Cross-multiplication method

    3.5 Equation reducible to a pair of linear equations in

    two variables

    Chapter 4 Quadratic Equations

    4.4 Solution of a quadratic equation by completing

    the squares

    Chapter 5 Arithmetic Progressions

    No Reduction

    Chapter 6 Triangles

    6.5 Areas of similar triangles

    6.6 Pythagoras theorem

    Chapter 7 Coordinate Geometry

    7.4 Area of a triangle

    Chapter 8 Introduction to Trigonometry

    8.4 Trigonometric ratios of complementary angles

    Chapter 9 Some Applications of Trigonometry

    9.1 Introduction

    Chapter 10 Circles

    No Reduction

    Chapter 11 Constructions

    11.1 Introduction

    11.2 Division of a line segment

    11.3 Construction of tangents to a circle

    11.4 Summary

    Chapter 12 Areas Related to Circles

    12.1 Introduction

    12.2 Perimeter and area of a circle — A review

    12.4 Areas of combinations of plane figures

    Chapter 13 Surface Areas and Volumes

    13.4 Conversion of solid from one shape to another

    13.5 Frustum of a cone

    Chapter 14 Statistics

    15.1 Introduction

    Exercise 15.2 (Optional)

    Chapter 15 Probability

    No Reduction

    Social Science

    History – India and Contemporary World II

    Chapter 1 Rise Of Nationalism In Europe

    No Reduction

    Chapter 2 Nationalism In India

    No Reduction

    Chapter 3 Making Global World

    No Reduction

    Chapter 4 Age Of Industrialisation

    No Reduction

    Chapter 5 Print Culture And Modern World

    No Reduction

    Geography – Contemporary India II

    Chapter 1 Resources And Development

    Types of Resources,

    Box information

    Chapter 2 Forest And Wildlife Resources

    Page number 14 - 18 From second paragraph of ‘Flora and Fauna in India’ to ‘The Himalayan Yew in Trouble’, box information, Figs 2.1 and 2.2

    Chapter 3 Water Resources

    No Reduction

    Chapter 4 Agriculture

    • Contribution of agriculture of the national economy,
    • Employment and output,
    • Impact of globalisation on agriculture

    Chapter 5 Minerals And Energy

    No Reduction 

    Chapter 6 Manufacturing Industries

    Contribution of industry to national economy,

    Paragraphs from cotton textiles (India exports... fibre industry), Jute textiles (Challenges... products), Sugar industry (Major... baggase), Iron Steel industry (In 2019... consumer of steel; Though... and discuss), Cement industry (Improvement... industry)

    Activity (pg. 72), Table 6.1, Figs 6.1, 6.2 and 6.5

    Chapter 7 Lifelines Of National Economy

    No Reduction

    Political Science – Democratic Politics II

    Chapter 1 Power Sharing

    No Reduction

    Chapter 2 Federalism

    No Reduction

    Chapter 3 Democracy Diversity

    Full Chapter Deleted 

    Chapter 4 Gender Religion Caste

    Images on page 46, 48 and 49

    Chapter 5 Popular Struggles And Movements

    Full Chapter Deleted 

    Chapter 6 Political Parties

    Page number 76 deleted 

    Chapter 7 Outcomes Of Democracy

    No Reduction

    Chapter 8 Challenges to Democracy

    Full Chapter Deleted 

    Economics – Understanding Economic Development

    Chapter 1 Development

    No Reduction

    Chapter 2 Sectors Of Indian Economy

    No Reduction

    Chapter 3 Money And Credit

    No Reduction

    Chapter 4 Globalisation And Indian Economy

    No Reduction

    Chapter 5 Consumer Rights

    No Reduction 

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