How Stay Away From Distractions While Studying?


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Distraction is the process of diverting the attention of an individual or group from desired area of focus and thereby blocking the reception of desired information.

Almost every student face distraction. And hence he/she might not study properly. So stop being demotivated and follow these tips to stay away from distractions :-

1. Use your device in grayscale mode:-

 In grayscale mode everything in your device will be black and white. Scientifically it is proved that anything in black and white is not in intresting for youths. It also reduces blue ray that comes from your device and may effect your eyes.

2. Use the web version for social media:-

Uninstall the applications of social media from your device and try to use it on your web browser. This will reduce the time on that particular social media.

3. Find where and when you study best:-

Every student have different strategies and timing to study. So find that which time suit you most to study. You also need to place where you have to study only. That place should not be used for any other work or activity.

4. Start with the Easiest and Interesting topics:-

As a student you should start study with those topics which you find interesting and easy. This will boost your confidence and you will not get distracted.

5. Take break judiciously:-

Take frequent, short breaks and use them to take care of your physical needs and to renew your motivation. After every break you should follow point #4. This will not convert a short break into long break.

6. Keep a check on your everyday goals:-

After completing a day, you should check what you have completed and what you left . Prepare a checklist of your syllabus. This is the best way of staying motivated.

7. Execution is better than planning:-

Do not plan your whole syllabus at a once. Plan weekly and execute it daily. Thinking too much about your goals can be distraction itself. You can prefer this to make effective routine.

How to make an effective routine that really works for you?

8. Sleep instead of scrolling:-

You should take a sleep of 6 to 8 hours. Sleeping less than six hours will affect your health. So you need to sleep to boost your energy. Scientists found that sleep-deprived people have a much harder time rebounding from distractions than people who are well rested.

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